Michael, your sessions quickly transitioned our team into a state of calm and reflection. The combination of your smooth voice and hauntingly beautiful music had a profound effect long after you left our office. The thought you have put into the sessions and practical supporting materials are incredibly helpful to enable us to continue to practice the great benefits of meditation.
- Lisa Cotton, Director Social Investment, Social Ventures Australia

It has been a privilege to work with Michael over the past few years as part of the extended Breakout Culture Transformation team at ANZ. He has a 'gift' in teaching meditation which I see as his authenticity, knowledge, skill and extensive experience - all of which result in people feeling comfortable, trusting and ready to fully experience the practice. It is what Michael personally brings to this experience, that results in people building the practice into their dat to day lives, thus experiencing all the health and wellbeing benefits that meditation offers - and what an awesome 'gift' this is.
- Greg O'Meara, Strategic Consultant - Learning & Culture, ANZ Banking Group Ltd

Michael conducted an innovative workshop for the team in Sydney as part of our global employee Wellbeing Week event. The workshop incorporated stretching and breathing exercises, meditation and lunch at a vegetarian restaurant. Everyone enjoyed the experience of meditation and the explanation of how easy it can be to use in everyday life.
- Allen Clennar, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Bank, Australia

Michael has the unique ability to make meditation interesting and relevant to everyone - whether you’re on the mountaintop or in the boardroom.
- Paul Wilson, teacher, author and columnist

I got very positive feedback from the group yesterday. So, I am very pleased with how the sessions went. Personally, I had a very positive experience as well and I am still surprised how easy it was to follow your story. When I opened my eyes I felt as if I had 8 hours sleep.
- Sabine Khadgi, Database Manager, Mezzo Business Databases

I've worked with Michael for a number of years and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wanting to be both more effective - and calmer - at work.
- Nigel Marsh, Author and Group CEO, George Patterson Y & R Pty Ltd

Thank you for your attention to understanding our specific needs and tailoring your workshop accordingly.  Everyone experienced peacefulness in their meditation.
- Katherine Edgar, Managing Director, The Synergy Group

I had terrific feedback from my team as to their enjoyment of your sessions and how they could apply the meditation in their work and home.  They were pleasantly surprised at how easily they were able get into the meditation experience.  Thank you.
- Mark Worman, Executive Director, McCann Healthcare Australia

The majority of the participants scores collated from the feedback from the meditation workshop were highly regarded by staff. All participants agreed that they felt confident in being able to implement relaxation strategies to everyday work context. They felt a greater sense of relaxation and wellbeing after attending these sessions and would recommend the workshops to their colleagues.
- Matt Stubbs, Manager, Ted Noffs Institute

I received your CD the other week. Thank you and congratulations!  I've listened to it and I love it! The music is fantastic and your voice is beautiful to listen to. I have put your meditations into my ipod so I can take it with me when I travel.
- Marvin Oka, Founder and Executive Director, Behavioural Modelling Research Pty Ltd

Beautiful work Michael. The dance between the cadence and rhythm of your voice, supported by powerful linguistic imagery, and the sublime soundscape made and engineered by Kim Cunio creates a profound experience in the mind and body. I was dropped into a profound state within minutes and felt profoundly supported as the words and sounds washed through my consciousness. This is a quality experience - a truly beautifully mastered CD in all its aspects. Congratulations on creating something so wonderful.
- Colin James - CSP, Managing Director, Altmore International Pty Ltd